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Pure Ceylon Cinnamon

Who We Are...

We are Cinnamon people. Our history with cinnamon runs back beyond a century as we have been cultivating, processing and selling world renowned Ceylon Cinnamon, also known as the True Cinnamon, for generations. We are a family business turned into a start-up company – AGRICEYLON , as a result of a long-held ambition of our founders.

Being the absolute specialist of Ceylon cinnamon, we turn cinnamon in to a range of great authentic consumer products by virtue of value addition. All our cinnamon is sourced from the family owned customary cinnamon plantation in down south, Sri Lanka and manufactured in our own production facilities. Therefore all our products are sustainable and easily traceable from farm-to-table, making us the first and only “farm-to-table traceable” cinnamon brand in Sri Lanka.

The product quality is our utmost priority and we are taking all necessary measures to make sure it is second to none. We thrive to offer the world not just cinnamon products but a magical cinnamon experience

Our Brand Story

Cinnamon is in our roots and thats why we consider us as the absolute specialist of Ceylon Cinnamon. Our way of cinnamon is not just to consume it, but to indulge in it and rejoice the heavenly experience. As we mark our footsteps daily among the lavish greeny hills in our cinnamon cultivation, the breeze carrying the gentle aromatic bliss revitalize our minds and souls. Thus “Ceylon Cinnamon Trails” was born, to offer our authentic and carefully designed products, creating an opportunity for everyone around the world to enjoy the magic of healthy lifestyle Ceylon Cinnamon brings.

Our Vision

To be the pioneer in global ceylon cinnamon value addition market under the elite brand name ‘Ceylon Cinnamon Trails’ by growing a sustainable agricultural business

Our Mission

To create an indulging cinnamon experience for the consumers with aroma, taste and the essence of pure ceylon cinnamon flavours by adding values to the products. Innovatively uplifting brand excellence while continuously contributing to the social responsibility, environmental preservation and Sri Lanka’s economic growth

Our Values

As we are in the agriculture industry, our core values are essentially driven by Authenticity, Sustainability and Social Responsibility followed by Customer Focus, Integrity, Preservarance.

Our Strengths


As we source from our own farms and produce in our own facilities


Our business is driven by Cinnamon, a natural sustainable crop


We ensure product quality by following highest food safety system standards


We are able to adapt for customer requirements with continuous improvements on our existing ways


Strong commitment of our wonderful staff in meeting client requirements


Quick quotation process and less lead times in order/shipment processing

Must Know
Facts About
Ceylon Cinnamon

The biggest mistake done by the consumers is getting deceived by the word
‘Cinnamon’ to an inferior variety know as ‘Cassia’ over ‘True Cinnamon’

Ceylon Cinnamon

Cinnamon Fact Image

Thin multiple layers of fold
like a cigar

Light golden brown color

Native to Sri Lanka

Soft, easy to break

Naturally sweet mild flavor

Expensive. Used in the EU, Western Asia, Oceania

Extremely low Coumarin content (0.004%)

Prolonged use will have more health benefits due to antioxidant and antimicrobial properties


Cassia Fact Image

Thick single layer of inward fold with empty cavity

Dark brown/ reddish brown

Native to China, Vietnam & India

Hard, difficult to break

Little sweetness, Strong flavor

Cheap. Used in Canada and
the USA

High Coumarin content

(Prolonged use may cause liver damage, cancer formation Develop cognitive impairment)

Why Us?

Traceability from farm to table is the core of our many strengths to keep our mark in the industry as a direct operator of factories and estates. Our Cinnamon estate is divided in to 8 geographical regions, empowering us to trace the cinnamon used in a specific product to its originated region, providing a level of transparency second to none in the cinnamon industry while thriving for cultivation improvements

Our Certifications & 3rd Party Test Verifications

Our Certifications

3rd Party Lab Verifications

Social Responsibility
& Sustainability

We at AGRICEYLON believe that the contribution towards the well-being of our employees, society and environment is key to have a sustainable business. Nearly about 100 people from about 20 families make their living from our business. Our employees are the strength of our company and it is fascinating to see they all grow with us as a big family. Accommodation is being provided at the premises for remote employees who are artisans, and the rest live nearby. We subcontract many indirect jobs to other members of the families of our employees as a part of our responsibility towards the people who have lost their jobs during Sri Lanka's economic crisis.

Cinnamon is an inherently sustainable crop which is capable of producing a continuous harvest for more than a century. We are adding even more value to that sustainable chain by using all parts of the cinnamon tree such as bark, leaves, and wood for our products. All unusable leaves, branches will be left in the field so that they naturally fertilize the cultivation. Also we use natural water springs to fulfill the water needs of the cultivation and the cinnamon production.

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