Ceylon Cinnamon Sugar 75g

Ceylon Cinnamon Sugar, stored in a convenient glass jar. This product is Gluten Free, Raw Vegan, NON GMO, Preservatives Free and made in Small batches

Product Description

Weight 75g, Texture Sugar granules coated with a layer of super fine cinnamon powder,

Ingredient Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Powder (cinnamomum zeylanicum) made out of ground C4/C5 grade sticks, mixed up with pure raw cane sugar granules at a specifically identified ratio

Container Convenient clear glass Jar with double side flip open plastic lid

Protective Measures To preserve product freshness, the jar is foil sealed in inside. After closing the lid, it is shrink sealed from outside for tamper evidence

Suggested Use Sprinkle on Toasts, bagels, churros or waffles. Sugar alternative in tea/coffee, baking. Add in to desserts, ciders and cocktails