Cinnamon Wood Dog Chew Small / Medium / Large

Natural Cinnamon Wood Dog Chew stored in a sealed pouch. This sustainably sourced product is all natural, long lasting and provides rich dental case hygiene for your puppy

Product Description

Product sizes Length Diameter Dog Weight
Small 15cm 17mm ~ 23mm Up to 10Kg
Medium 19cm 24mm ~ 30mm Up to 20Kg
Large 23cm 31cm ~ 40cm above 20Kg

Texture Gently aromatic, smoothened natural tree branch

Container Clear PE/PA pouch, Food Grade

Protective Measures This dog chew is sealed in a PE/PA food grade pouch to preserve the gentle aroma

Suggested Use It is recommended to give them this chew about an hour a day under supervision, removing any small or chokeable pieces. Very strong jaws might bite through the chew stick. If it occurs, it is recommended to replace it immediately.